Over 300 children have died playing or engaging in this deadly activity.

It is up to us as parents, family, friends and caregivers to ensure the safety of our children.
It has been proven over time that the most impact to school aged children is what they are
learning in our schools.

DARE (Drugs and Alcohol resistance education) has made a huge impact on our children
and now it is time to ensure they are educated in the dangers of risk behavior. We must
ensure that the curriculum for this life saving education be updated with the deadly impact
that playing “the choking game” and other asphyxia activities.

We ask that you please sign your name to this petition to have our DARE representatives
add Risk Behavior (Deadly Asphyxia Activities) into the current DARE presentations given to
our children at Schools around the world. This is not just a North American problem, this is
world wide!

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