The purpose of this list is to provide factual data as to the deadliness of this activity and to back up the assertion that this is a serious threat to our children and families. People must be informed about the lives lost to this.

We have seperated our list into two sections. One for children 18 years and under. Second for adults 19 years and older. We have done this to show that it is not only children that have been lost to this game but also responsible adults. These children may not fully understand the outcomes from playing this, but as they do it more they may become addicted to the feeling. As they grow older they continue to do this and it can progress into something far more dangerous.

The number of children that we have learned of is:   Died:  860     Injured:  118
The number of adults that we have learned of is:   Died:  66     Injured:  5
The total number of lost loved ones is: Died:  926     Injured:  123



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